Eureka Conferences Inc. provides fully-integrated worldwide publishing and event management services, serving the best interests of individuals, institutions and the industry, utilizing modern technological approaches and highly interactive communication design tools. Eureka Conference delivers convenience with hands-on care and personal attention to even minute details.

Let the Eureka Conferences team be the powerhouse behind you to ensure success in all your endeavors.

Through a dedicated team of highly qualified professionals, Eureka Conference offers the following services to its clients, which vary from individuals to large multinational corporations:

We ensure

  • Timeliness
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Reliability
  • Uniformity
  • Objectives are met
  • Unmatched feel and ease

Eureka Conferences has extensive experience in manuscripts composition and editing, high quality artwork development, graphics enhancement, and marketing communications design and production. Our language Editors edit more than 20,000-25,000 articles annually ranging from science, technology, medicine, to social science, literature, history and fiction. Our team of seasoned Graphic & Web designers have outstanding skills of creating highly aesthetic scientific images & Web sites, communication designs and marketing tools. Extensive data conversion services are available, specially for XML work flows.

The Eureka Group has organized a number of successful scientific conferences in the areas of biomedical research, drug design and delivery, medicinal chemistry, and natural product chemistry, to name a few. No matter how large or small the budget is, the company maintains the capacity to organize a unique and welcoming event to simplify the client's role as host and satisfy the participants with value-added services. Eureka Conference sources and manages venue selection, décor, catering, transportation, audio/video facilities, lighting etc. Contact us to open new doors to business. Visit 'Testimonials' ( link to some testimonials from high profile people) for endorsement of our high standard services.

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